Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

IPad with Face ID May Come in 2018

IPad with Face ID May Come in 2018

Apple is working on a redesigned iPad that would remove the device's home button in favor of the new Face ID system introduced on the iPhone X.

The removal of the Home button would allow for much thinner bezels around an iPad display.

With the recent news making the 2018 iPad Pro updates seem more and more likely, Benjamin Geskin has shared how stunning an nearly bezel-less iPad Pro could be. Developers can also allow you to use Face ID to sign into their apps. Bloomberg's report doesn't confirm whether or not it would have the iPhone X's signature "notch" up top, however.

On the heels of a new report today about what we're likely to see from Apple's 2018 iPad Pro release, Benjamin Geskin has shared a set of new renders imagining what a mostly bezel-less iPad Pro with Face ID might look like. Apple already reduced the thickness of the edges on the 10.5-inch version vs. the 9.7-inch model it replaced, to maximize screen real estate, and it could go further still with additional space savings from reducing the "chin" of the front of the device. An improved Apple Pencil is also under development and expected to launch alongside the updated tablet.

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This year, Face ID remains exclusive to the iPhone X, and the technology is said to be the source of production bottlenecks ahead of the handset's launch in early November. The new tablet is not expected to feature an OLED display.

Geskin has been getting a lot of positive responses on Twitter to his renders, what do you think?

Tablet sales have taken a 17 percent decline globally over the last three years and Apple certainly felt it.

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