Published: Sun, November 05, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

StarCraft II Is Going Free-To-Play This Month

StarCraft II Is Going Free-To-Play This Month

Blizzard is taking StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty's campaign free to play.

Get your Zerg rush on when StarCraft II goes F2P for PC on November 14th.

Plus, if you already own Wings of Liberty, you'll get the second installment of StarCraft II's campaign-Heart of the Swarm-for free. But, that deal is only available from November 8th to December 8th.

Nonetheless, if you end up enjoying Wings of Liberty so much that you'll end up craving the other content options, Blizzard will sell you any one of the three individual expansions (Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, or Nova Covert Ops) for $14.99 each.

Morten stressed that Blizzard isn't adding any secondary currencies or additional microtransactions to StarCraft 2 in order to support the game's new free-to-play model.

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What's really cool about the multiplayer aspect is the fact that Blizzard will require players to win 10 matches in unranked or against AI, aiming to preserve the integrity of online play. For everyone else, the Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void campaigns will be available to purchase for just $15 each. The Co-op Commanders Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis will remain completely free, meaning that you can keep leveling them to your heart's content.

"Some of the early triggers of considering free-to-play were feedback that even though a lot of the game already was free through the starter edition, that that wasn't well-known", Morten told Polygon in an interview at BlizzCon, "[and] that it was confusing to understand what you need to buy to actually start playing Starcraft 2.

Been meaning to try out StarCraft II for the past seven years? Learn more about the game at We will also continue to offer premium upgrades like announcer packs, special skins, and new Co-op Commanders to enhance your StarCraft II experience in a number of different ways. Well according to an interview with Gamespot, a Blizzard PR rep says they'll be offering a digital reward, " I think they're calling it the founder's gift.

Current and upcoming Co-op Commanders up to level five - You'll be able to tackle these extra challenging missions with your friends right away.

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