Published: Wed, November 01, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

'Super Mario Run' Hits 200M Downloads, But Nintendo Unhappy With Profit

'Super Mario Run' Hits 200M Downloads, But Nintendo Unhappy With Profit

The newly released Super Mario Odyssey reached sales of 2 million in just three days, which is a wild improvement over the month it took the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to reach 2.7 million sales.

He also weighed in on Nintendo's mobile offerings, revealing Super Mario Run has surpassed 200 million downloads.

There's one of these metal blocks in every one of Super Mario Odyssey's kingdoms, and until you've beaten the game, you can't actually break them. It would seem that Super Mario Run is doing really well, at least from a downloads perspective. According to Nintendo, it already sold 7.5 million of the hybrid console. And with the holiday season fast approaching, Nintendo is set to sell a whole bunch more.

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Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has announced that, since launch, Super Mario Odyssey has sold two million copies worldwide. That said, the cut-off point for data was the end of September, meaning we were left without an idea of how Super Mario Odyssey performed.

Though Super Mario Odyssey has already received its fair share of flawless scores, Nintendo took a slight risk with the latest title in its flagship franchise. The holiday sales season will soon go into full swing, and we plan to make more Nintendo Switch systems available in the market.

Added Kimishima: "We will continue services for applications that have already been released, and we will continue releasing new smart device applications on the order of two to three per year". It shows the power of Nintendo's IP, and Mario specifically, and the company is right about the game being well received. Nintendo suddenly finds itself in a good place.

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