Published: Tue, October 31, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Support Surprised Everyone … Even Nintendo Itself

Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Support Surprised Everyone … Even Nintendo Itself

XAutoplay: On | OffThe "Super Mario" maker now expects to sell 14 million units of the unique $300 console, which can be configured to be played at home or as a portable system. More importantly, it almost doubled its forecast for full-year profit to 125 billion yen ($1.1 billion). The company's gamble on a dual-purpose console is paying off handsomely, prompting Nintendo to adjust its full-year forecast to reflect a much bigger anticipated profit.

The company raised their initial 65 bn Yen estimate to 120 bn Yen following a boost in console production. Initially the company had expected around 10 million consoles to be sold by the end of the financial year but they are now forecasting sales of around 14 million units instead. Nintendo also bumped up its revenue forecast from 750 billion yen (~$6.6 billion) to 960 billion yen (~$8.5 billion).

The Switch is running circles around the Wii U. If that holds, it means that the Switch will have outpaced the Wii U's lifetime sales within its first year. The new console is selling so well that the Japanese firm said today it is likely to outsell the Wii U, its predecessor, within one year of its release.

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"Switch is in excellent shape as sales of both hardware and software are growing steadily", Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda said before the earnings announcement. With demand so high, Nintendo took action to increase production, announcing in October it had increased production to two million units a month.

Nintendo surprised everybody by quietly adding GameCube controller support to the Nintendo Switch, and apparently, that includes Nintendo itself.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said: "The true power of the Switch would be tested during the upcoming holiday season".

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