Published: Tue, October 24, 2017
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New London pollution tax comes into force

New London pollution tax comes into force

UCL's Day nursery in Bloomsbury is one of 27 nurseries in the capita in areas that fall foul of legal air quality limits.

He said he is taking "urgent action to help clean up London's lethal air".

Pre-Euro 4 vehicles are typically those registered before 2006, but Transport for London suggests that anyone who has a vehicle registered before 2008 check if it is liable for the charge.

Charges for driving the oldest, most-polluting vehicles into central London have nearly doubled after a £10 toxicity charge, or T-Charge, came into force.

Mr Khan said: "Since we announced the T-Charge, the amount of the most polluting vehicles coming into the heart of London has fallen by 15% so we're really seeing a change in behaviour and that's what the T-Charge is about".

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Speaking ahead of the launch of the T-Charge, which came into force at 7am today (Monday), Khan said it was time to "join the battle to clean the toxic air we are forced to breathe". Research by King College London found that 9,500 people die each year in the capital due to poor air quality.

The T-Charge is an additional cost, taking the total to £21.50.

Shaun Bailey, conservative environment spokesman at the London Assembly, told BBC News: "As an asthmatic I'm well aware of how critical an issue this is for London but we need policies that actually deliver progress". The new measure is part of an 875-million-pound effort by the mayor's office to address air pollution in London, with the introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) slated for 2019. "There are children in London whose lungs are underdeveloped".

The city of London is making it more expensive for drivers of older vehicles.

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