Published: Tue, October 24, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

Group Voice Calls On WhatsApp Soon! Get Ready For Conference Calling

Group Voice Calls On WhatsApp Soon! Get Ready For Conference Calling

However, it is not clear when WhatsApp will roll out the new features, it is however expected to be soon.

The report says that WhatsApp has announced high-end features for a better group administration. The WhatsApp allowed its users to make voice calls and also video calls, but the concept of a group calling or the conference call has never existed. Apple iOS 11 users are facing a ton of problems with the WhatsApp, latest being the delay in pushing the notification on the home screen. It means WhatsApp to Get Group Voice & Video Calling Feature Soon in its 2.17.70 Beta version.

There were several rumors earlier that there is an update for the group call feature.

Unfortunately there is actually nothing that we can show you as abovementioned, seen that WhatsApp is internally working on it, but when WhatsApp will add something more that will be possible to show, we will immediately publish all screenshots and information.

An exact launch date has not been specified, but some smartphone users with the latest version of WhatsApp will already be able to see the feature on their handsets. For example, if you are on a call with your friend, you can add another friend into the call simply by pressing the add button and group call including the 3 of you will be created.

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As faster internet connectivity is available to the masses now, people are using video calling a lot more than ever.

How far away in the future group video and voice calls are is unclear as of now.

"WhatsApp 2.17.70 sends a request to the server to ask if the user you are calling is in another group call!" The latest update on WhatsApp's upcoming feature is based on a code found in the new Beta version of the app on iPhone.

The administrators on WhatsApp groups will also be able to choose if other participants can modify the subject of the group, its icon, and its description. WABetaInfo also revealed that Facebook owned messaging app, WhatsApp is also testing "Delete for Everyone" feature. Then in November past year, the company rolled out the video calling feature.

WaBetaInfo also unveiled that WhatsApp is testing "Delete for Everyone" option.

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