Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Boris Johnson 'fed up' with media stories from 'so-called allies'

Boris Johnson 'fed up' with media stories from 'so-called allies'

When asked whether this meant that the prime minister considers Mr Johnson a "challenge", her official spokesman said: 'The PM was talking broadly about how she is a politician who never ducks a challenge'.

Asked by the paper if Mr Johnson could be moved from the Foreign Secretary role, she said she was prepared to shake up her cabinet, and added "I didn't come into politics for an easy life".

But within hours, his allies began to rally round - saying that Boris could "just say no" to a new job, and warning that pro-Brexit voters need a champion at the top of the Government.

"In our video today we wanted to make it crystal clear that as ever the Prime Minister has our support and we thank her for the leadership she is giving, not just to Conservatives, but to this Country".

Nadine Dorries, a staunch supporter of Mr Johnson, became the first backbencher to publicly call on the Prime Minister to revive her plan.

"United in a mission to build a country that works for everyone and agreed on the approach that we take in Florence".

'I do not know who these people are.

A message sent by Boris Johnson to fellow Conservative MPs has since been leaked, in which he told MPs to "circle the wagons and turn fire on Jeremy Corbyn".

"I heartily disagree with the sense, tone and spirit of what they are quoted as saying".

British PM to meet business chiefs on Brexit
But EU officials have stubbornly refused to so far, claiming that not enough progress has been made on the Brexit divorce bill . Jensen called for compromise, saying "this will never be a 100 percent win for one side or the other side".

Her comments will be viewed as a slapdown to Mr. Johnson, whose activities overshadowed much of the Tory conference until Mrs.

"I don't think he has been totally on board, I think he has been deliberately trying to make the Brexit negotiations hard, stall them, obfuscate the issues. She should create the opportunity for the party to choose not just a different singer, but a different song". "There's a stench of death emanating from Downing Street".

"These are issues that the Prime Minister knows and cares about and we welcome the announcements and vision to tackle these problems in her speech".

Liberal Democrats Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake MP responded: "Two of Boris Johnson's red lines have been scrubbed out, but he is still in the Government causing trouble".

Asked what she might do with the Foreign Secretary in a reshuffle, Mrs May told The Sunday Times: 'It has never been my style to hide from a challenge and I'm not going to start now'.

But yesterday he stood by Mrs May and insisted that she will deliver a "great and successful Brexit".

May hinted at the weekend that she may be considering a cabinet reshuffle to reassert her authority.

Critics of the Chancellor have accused him of limiting the ambition of the Government's domestic policy agenda and attempting to keep Britain closely tied to the European Union for years after Brexit.

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