Published: Fri, October 06, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google Home will now be able to recognize users by voice

Google Home will now be able to recognize users by voice

The news was presented onstage at the company's Pixel 2 hardware event in San Francisco. This allows the home assistant to recognise individual voices; introducing multi-user support. With Broadcasts, you can send a message to your Google Home speakers and have it spoken out loud by the Google Assistant to everyone in the room. It also applies the setting to all your devices connected to the same Google account. However, owners of the regular Google Home should be happy to know that their home device is about to get more feature rich than ever, thanks to a series of updates announced at Google's event today. It can now do German, French, Japanese, Korean, and Canadian, both the French and the English kind.

Some time recently, Spotify voice commands were just accessible on Google Home, yet now similar capacities mean Google Assistant on your cell phone.

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Apart from improvements in recognising user voice inputs, the Google Assistant also received a major upgrade to how it generates its own speech as well. In this case, telling your Home "where's my phone" will ping the nearest Android device paired with your Google account. Just say "OK Google, play Spotify" any time, anywhere and you will be able to enjoy your favorite tunes away from Home. So if you have a Nest camera set up, you can ask Home to show the live feed on your TV via Chromecast.

Google has made it no secret that AI and machine learning is its new obsession, and Google Assistant is the user-facing interface to all of that. It was announced that the Google Assistant will now be able to tackle 100 million new questions, all of which have been added to its repertoire over the course of the past year. Now available on nearly all of Google's different devices and platforms, not to mention integrating with third-party platforms, it has the potential to become what pundits and even conspiracists have been looking for: Google OS.

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