Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
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LaVar Ball just pulled LaMelo Ball out of high school

LaVar Ball just pulled LaMelo Ball out of high school

LaVar Ball said he didn't want to deal with coaches at Chino Hills and will home-school and train LaMelo himself. I am disappointed it couldn't have worked better for LaMelo and the players.

Like his brothers, LaMelo has a commitment to UCLA.

LaMelo is the youngest son of the Ball trio, a basketball family that has captivated and/or alienated the hoops world over the past year, depending on whom you ask.

On Monday night, it was reported by Eric Sondheimer of the Los Angeles Times that LaVar was set to pull LaMelo out of high school in favor of home-schooling and to personally train him for the National Basketball Association.

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"It's good for Melo", LaVar told the Times of his decision to pull him out of school.

Just when you think you have LaVar Ball down to a science, he goes and does something completely unexpected. A more forgiving interpretation might call it the latest example of LaVar doing whatever it takes to get his son where they both want him to go. "It seems like anybody who's training over here, that coach don't want him in the team".

LaVar told the Times in August that there was going "to be new drama" at Chino Hills because "I don't like him one bit", referring to Latimore. The young point guard gets to shoot 3-pointers from mid-court, cherrypick all game, forfeit any AAU game in which the ref makes a bad call and wear a signature shoe about a half decade before even the best players usually get one. "I didn't foresee this happening", Baik said.

LaVar has notoriously butt heads with the coaching at Chino Hills, and according to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, that's the reason he's pulling LaMelo out of high school. Would it surprise anyone if LaVar uses his massive fame to publicly question Alford the same way he has the Chino Hills coaches?

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