Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
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Ball pulling son out of Southern Cal high school

Ball pulling son out of Southern Cal high school

"It's good for Melo", LaVar told the Times of his decision to pull him out of school.

Pulling LaMelo will also rob him of organized competition, but it's a safe bet LaVar has something up his sleeve to keep his son in game shape.

"It's a new coach and I don't like him one bit", he told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. Still, this is freaky even by LaVar's standards, as the high school season has not yet begun and he is seemingly evaluating Latimore on distant information as a result.

LaVar went on to claim that through his coaching and training, LaMelo will become "the best basketball player ever".

Beyond that, LaVar centered on new Chino Hills head coach Dennis Latimore and concerns surrounding his performance to this point. I am disappointed it couldn't have worked better for LaMelo and the players.

Monty Hall of 'Let's Make a Deal' has died
Therefore, #Monty Hall will go down in history not only for hosting a long-running game show, but also for his humanitarian work. Sometimes the new prize was something odd like a salami tree or a double-decker dining room set or it was something much better.

That's all the green light LaVar needs after already butting heads with the coaches at Chino Hills in the past.

"I see him going to college, but we're going to see what goes on; his development and how everything goes, we'll see".

LaMelo Ball is, by nearly any measure, the most famous non-professional basketball player in the world today and the soap opera surrounding his development continued on Monday. Chino Hills won't be as competitive or as relevant without the Ball brothers or the other talented players they've attracted. Lonzo played one season before declaring for the draft.

But there's less pressure on UCLA to bend to LaVar's will now that there is a very realistic chance that LaMelo never plays college basketball. "But you know he's got his own shoe, you know the NCAA don't like that, so they might be like, 'Hey, back up.'" I ain't got no problem backing up because we're still going to get to here, he's on deck, coming to the Lakers".

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