Published: Tue, October 03, 2017
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Patriots, CareOne Partner Together to Send Supplies to Florida, Puerto Rico

Patriots, CareOne Partner Together to Send Supplies to Florida, Puerto Rico

The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Cruz, levelled direct criticism at the federal government's response on Saturday, and said if Trump does not ramp up relief efforts, there could be "something close to a genocide".

Duke was named to temporarily replace John Kelly after Trump named him White House chief of staff. Trump has not nominated a permanent replacement. When you are drinking from a creek, it's not a good news story. He added that he also hopes to stop in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where people are "working hard".

"We have done an incredible job, considering there's absolutely nothing to work with", he said. The US Army Corps of Engineers have been assigned to help Puerto Rico rebuild its infrastructure, a FEMA deputy director said.

She ran for San Juan mayor in 2012 against incumbent Jorge Santini and won.

"Maybe from where she's standing, it's a good news story". She said that if anyone can send anything solar-powered, she would pick it up and distribute it. We will never be satisfied.

President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at the mayor of San Juan and other officials in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, contemptuous of their claims of a laggard USA response to the natural disaster that has imperiled the island's future.

"This is a story of a devastation that continues to worsen because people are not getting food and water", Cruz said on CNN.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, in emotional appeals on television on Friday, has become the face of Puerto Rican officials distraught over what some of them charge is an insufficient response by the US government to the crisis. He adds that the rebuilding effort is "starting from scratch".

"This is a message for President Trump: Thank you for calling San Juan yesterday and listening for our mayday call".

Monty Hall of 'Let's Make a Deal' has died
Therefore, #Monty Hall will go down in history not only for hosting a long-running game show, but also for his humanitarian work. Sometimes the new prize was something odd like a salami tree or a double-decker dining room set or it was something much better.

Trump spoke at the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington.

But Puerto Rican officials say supplies have been held up in ports, unable to be delivered.

Those moves will likely be clouded by Duke's comments, which she will, nearly certainly, have to apologize for.

On Thursday, Duke described the relief effort as "under control" and called the federal response to the disaster a "good news story". Notably, sketch also featured Melissa Villaseñor as San Juan's heroic and Trump-targeted mayor, Aidy Bryant as "no nonsense because I'm all nonsense" Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kate McKinnon as the embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz on Friday accused the Trump administration of "killing us with the inefficiency" after the storm.

On Thursday afternoon, acting Homeland Security head Elaine Duke made that task even more complicated. It is is a human tragedy that has cost 16 people in Puerto Rico their lives.

"We have fuel trucks sitting out there in what we call a "quick reaction force" with Marines who are ready to go, map out which hospitals they have to go to and we will get there before the lights go out and people die", Lt. Col. Mainz said.

Later on Saturday, Trump added in a tweet, "Despite the Fake News Media in conjunction with the Dems, an awesome job is being done in Puerto Rico".

"Carmen has been going door to door helping her own community", said Griselmarie Alemar, who lives in CT and has family in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

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