Published: Sun, October 01, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

YouTube is cracking down on external links in videos

YouTube is cracking down on external links in videos

Before the program's introduction in 2015, any ad revenue for videos with copyrighted Nintendo content went directly to Nintendo. The new policy, which disallows live streaming has already caused ripples across #YouTube, and the internet. This doesn't completely prevent a YouTuber from monetizing their videos, but they will then have to manually request Nintendo's approval for each individual video they publish.

Content creators on YouTube have had issues with external links to sites such as Patreon.

Nintendo has not provided any additional information on why it changed its rules on live streaming its games on YouTube.

Nintendo is a major gaming platform, with competitive games, such as Splatoon and Arms, and by taking away what might be a channel's only source of views, you could be impacting their livelihood by also causing them to lose out on YouTube Partnership as well. While a lot of people were hesitant to comply with the company's weird requirements, it was the only way to make money as a YouTuber who made content using Nintendo games.

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This might be a frustrating development for any YouTuber's that don't plan on burning bridges anytime soon, but still want to livestream and have their videos monetized in the process.

You can keep uploading original content and building your audience on YouTube even if you're not in the partner program-and you can reapply again in 30 days. Or, they also suggest that you can register the video individually.

The update was not announced on YouTube's official creator blog, and has many users upset with the potential tampering of their revenue. Nintendo gives partners two options: They can broadcast content on YouTube Live from a channel that isn't registered to the program, or they can cancel their channel's registration to the program, and instead register their videos to the program separately.

The Nintendo Creators Program no longer allows video creators to live stream games on YouTube.

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