Published: Sat, September 30, 2017
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Watch What Happens When Megyn Kelly's Camera Man Steps Into the Frame

Watch What Happens When Megyn Kelly's Camera Man Steps Into the Frame

After what has been widely considered a rocky start to Megyn Kelly's Today show host position, Savannah Guthrie is standing in her corner.

"Honestly I didn't know it was MK until that morning".

A source, however, revealed that Debra Messing was asked by a higher-up in the NBC Entertainment division to "cut it out" with Megyn Kelly.

It's been a bad week for Kelly, with the cringeworthy exchange coming just one day after Debra Messing said that she "regretted" going on her show. I read you said you felt not proud to admit you had work done. Later in an interview with ET Canada, Fonda said she was "A little bit (shocked)" by the question.

On Thursday, Kelly's interview with U.S. Olympic soccer star Carli Lloyd appeared to be going well when an unidentified cameraman stepped into the video frame and blocked the view of Lloyd, Entertainment Weekly reported. She frowned slightly and responded with: "We really want to talk about that right now?"

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"Interviews with convicted killers" seems like a heavy dish to serve at 9 a.m., but Kelly's Menendez "get" wasn't her first foray into the topic this week.

Later on Wednesday, the 79-year-old Oscar victor expounded on the exchange, which went down on-air in front of her co-star Robert Redford. "I have more confidence and I don't think it's my fault". We don't have to focus on how she looks - she's not a picture.

The film stars Fonda and Robert Redford in a tender neighbours-with-benefits situation that enables them to enjoy easy marital intimacy without necessarily engaging in a sexual relationship.

Kelly cultivated her cable news audience-first on an afternoon block and later as one of Fox's evening hosts-by playing on the resentments of her conservative viewers and keeping them in a constant state of fear. "It's been very exciting". "I'm happy with the love scene. She's doing a lot-she has a lot of different things she can do and I think she's awesome".

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