Published: Fri, September 29, 2017
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Good Mood Might Improve Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

Good Mood Might Improve Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

Every flu season, millions of people get the flu every year, several thousands of people are hospitalized and tens of thousands of people die from flu-related causes every year.

How do Flu vaccines work? .

Among children and teens, the number who were vaccinated last year didn't change from the year before, remaining at about 59 percent.

Flu season is just around the corner and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the best way to protect yourself and others against the illness is to get vaccinated.

Federal health officials Thursday urged Americans to get vaccinated before flu season starts in October, and released data showing fewer MI residents got flu shots past year than the national average.

"There are many options for getting the flu shot including your doctor's office, walk-in clinic, pharmacy, and public health clinic". Getting vaccinated against the flu can also protect a baby from flu after birth.

"The flu is easily spread through coughing or sneezing and by touching something such as a doorknob with the virus on it and then touching their nose or mouth, therefore good hand-washing habits are important in preventing the flu; however, the best way to prevent the flu is to get the vaccine", the release stated.

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For those with egg allergies, the CDC says people who have experienced only hives after exposure to eggs can get any licensed flu vaccine that is appropriate for their age and health. "Older adults, pregnant women, young children and those with certain medical conditions are most at risk".

In fact, when the researchers looked at influences on the day of vaccination itself, they found an even greater effect on how well it worked, accounting for between 8 and 14 percent of the variability in antibody levels.

Where can I get a flu vaccine? .

All ages are welcome, however, children under the age of 6 months are not advised to receive the vaccination unless recommended by a physician. During the 2016-2017 season, the hospitalization rate was almost double that of the 2015-2016 season and higher across all age groups (cumulative rate for all ages of 62.6/100,000) than the previous eight seasons, with the exception of the 2014-2015 season. In most seasons, the higher hospitalization rates are among older adults 65 and older.

- Wide variation in influenza coverage was seen across states among children age 6 months to 17 years ranging from 43 percent (Wyoming) to 74.2 percent (Rhode Island) and in adults age 18 years and older from 33.4 percent (Nevada) to 51.1 percent (South Dakota).

"The science on flu vaccination is clear", said Dr. Tom Price, secretary of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department. Pneumococcal disease is often a common and deadly complication of influenza. The study examined data from four flu seasons between 2010 and 2014.

Flu season is fast approaching, and USA health officials are anxious that this season could be a bad one.

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