Published: Sat, September 16, 2017
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Clay Travis Kicked Off CNN After Cringe-Worthy Interview Repeatedly Mentioning 'Boobs'

Clay Travis Kicked Off CNN After Cringe-Worthy Interview Repeatedly Mentioning 'Boobs'

- Clay Travis (@ClayTravis)You can't say you like the first amendment and boobs?

Travis tweeted about the segment multiple times, including a video explaining that it is a line he has used many times before and expressing confusion over the controversy and mocking Baldwin for being bothered by the comment.

It was not immediately clear why Travis was so keen to drop the level of conversation on cable news from its normal level of angry down to obnoxious.

"I just want to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring the show", she said.

"Once Travis and Reed were gone, Baldwin declared that, "That was entirely inappropriate", before apologizing for not cutting Travis' microphone quicker".

Travis then wrote an article for his sports blog,, with the headline "I Love The First Amendment and Boobs" along with a picture of a woman in a bikini top.

But all that got lost in confusion after Travis said, "I believe in only two things completely - the First Amendment and boobs". I also don't believe Curt Schilling should have been fired for what he said about the North Carolina transgender bathroom law or any of the other conservative political positions he's adopted over the years.

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"Why are you sitting here, live on CNN - why would you even say that live on national television and with female host?"

"I said boobs. I believe completely in the 1st Amendment and boobs", he said, raising his count to five.

"I say it live on the radio all the time because it's true and that's what I do", Travis answered.

Former ESPN senior editor Keith Reed, who was also on CNN to talk about ESPN and Hill, reacted to the comments Travis made by saying he is "astonished".

Travis criticized ESPN after host Jemele Hill called President Donald Trump a white supremacist Tuesday.

Reed jumped in, trying to steer the conversation back on track.

Sanders doubled down at a Friday press briefing, saying, "ESPN has been hypocritical, they should hold anchors to a fair and consistent standard".

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