Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
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Patty Jenkins Will Return to Direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

Patty Jenkins Will Return to Direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

Patty Jenkins will officially be returning for Wonder Woman 2.

Actress Gal Gadot, director Patty Jenkins, and actress Lynda Carter attend the premiere of Warner Bros. The sequel was confirmed last month at San Diego Comic-Con and a December 13, 2019, release date was also announced for the same.

The announcement comes after contract negotiations: According to Variety, Jenkins could earn within the range of US$8 million, which sets her as the highest paid female director of all time. In addition to Gadot, it stars Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, and Elena Anaya. The total domestic collection went up to $402 million while the global collection of the film went past $800 million.

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Jenkins made $1 million for directing "Wonder Woman", and her super-sized raise is the result of an "unusually lengthy and tough negotiation".

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Jenkins came on board the "Wonder Woman" team after replacing Canadian director Michelle Maxwell McLaren, who quit the project over creative disagreements.

Released earlier this year, Wonder Woman has gone on to become the highest grossing DCEU film domestically and the highest-grossing movie by a female director.

The movie-maker revealed she was expecting a "mixed bag" from fans and critics, but the reaction to the superhero film has been overwhelmingly positive. She originally wanted an amount similar to what Zack Snyder got after he directed Man of Steel. Jenkins will also make money on the back end of the film with box office sales.

Jenkins said of the fight to keep the iconic scene in the film that "it's my favourite scene in the movie and it's the most important scene in the movie".

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