Published: Mon, September 11, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Hurricane Irma sucks water from beaches in Bahamas

Hurricane Irma sucks water from beaches in Bahamas

Angela Fritz, The Washington Post's deputy weather editor, explained that the natural phenomenon is real and can occur during extremely powerful hurricanes. "As the storm draws water toward the centre, it gets pulled away from the surroundings".

Kaydi K wrote: "I am in disbelief right now".

With Hurricane Irma just starting to create her path of destruction in the United States, social media users have been left baffled after footage shows the ocean essentially "disappearing".

Instead, the Long Island shoreline that was swept away with Hurricane Irma was expected to gradually return to Long Island on Sunday afternoon, without great force.

The video, posted by user @Kaydi_K, shows the ocean around the Bahamian island of Long Island literally gone - so gone that the user walked on the ocean floor.

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Another Twitter user wrote: "My family in the Bahamas said Irma sucked up all the water".

For a few hours or days, a storm can even change the shape of an ocean.

In the center of Irma, the pressure is very low and water is drawn upward in a sucking motion. Footage of a dry Bahamas shoreline hit the internet shortly after Irma swept through the Caribbean Islands.

Wayne Neely, a forecaster with the Bahamas Department of Meteorology that this particular phenomenon also took place during a 1936 hurricane affecting Acklins Island in the Bahamas.

"The ocean may be experiencing the effects of what I call the hurricane 'bulge, '" she writes. The Florida water will return once the storm leaves the area late Sunday.

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