Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Stranger gives desperate Florida shopper store's last emergency generator

Stranger gives desperate Florida shopper store's last emergency generator

Customers have gone store-to-store searching for plywood, drinking water, gas cans and generators, many leaving empty-handed.

Pam Brekke traveled almost 30 miles to a Lowe's location that had received a surprise shipment of 216 generators at 7 a.m. She ran into Lowe's and we watched her breakdown in tears when she realized she had just missed the last generator.

Brekke's elderly father is on oxygen and she was anxious Irma would knock power out at her home, leaving the family without a way to help her dad.

Moments after Brekke broke down in tears, Nancy Alvarez, a reporter for WFTV-TV, captured a Good Samaritan's act of kindness.

As she stepped away from the counter, clearly distraught, a fellow shopper, Ramon Santiago came up to her, offering the generator he had in his cart, which had been the last in the store's stock.

Brekke, crying, emotionally hugged Santiago, telling him he was her "angel" while he kept assuring her everything was going to be OK.

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"She need the generator", Santiago, whose first language isn't English, told the station "It's OK".

Santiago expressed gratitude for the generator, but said he's just glad the initial generator "went to someone who really needed it". "That gentleman was a great gentleman right there".

"I'm very overwhelmed by that man", Brekke said.

"God bless his heart".

Had there been one more generator, it would have been hers.

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