Published: Fri, September 08, 2017
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United States to unveil revised self-driving vehicle guidelines

United States to unveil revised self-driving vehicle guidelines

The bill addresses a lingering question over how the federal government and states will regulate self-driving vehicles. Nevertheless, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, whose department runs the NHTSA, will be revealing the updated guidelines at an event next Tuesday in MI, according to Reuters.

Today, the US House of Representatives passed the "Self Drive Act", which prevents US states from creating any laws that regulate the development and performance of autonomous vehicles, putting that power exclusively in the hands of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. "We look forward to continue working with Members on both sides of the aisle in the House and the Senate to enhance auto safety and expanded mobility that will further solidify USA innovation and leadership". After the first year, the cap rises to 100,000 vehicles annually. Performance standards would be left to design by the federal government, while states would retain ownership of rules on licensing, registration, insurance and safety inspection. That said, allowing such vehicles to be tested on public roads even without meeting the same safety standards as the other cars on the road could be a recipe for disaster.

The bill, which needs Senate approval before being sent to the White House, would prevent states from imposing regulations on autonomous vehicles that would make it more hard for manufacturers to deploy self-driving cars nationwide.

The House bill exempts a limited number of self-driving cars from federal rules. A competing Senate bill under development may reportedly include regulations for self-driving trucks, but Axios reports opposition among labor unions remains high.

Recode reports that while the Senate may struggle to find time to vote on its version this year, the Trump administration is expected to issue a voluntary safety checklist for automakers as early as next week.

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The Senate is now working on a similar bill, which they must reconcile with the House bill before it can be passed.

Image: US House readies bill that will make it easy to deploy self-driving cars.

Automakers raised numerous concerns about the Obama administration guidance, including the suggestion that automakers should submit systems to regulators for review before putting them on the market.

Some automakers have protested in the recent past that states' proposed rules on self-driving cars are too prohibitive-especially California.

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