Published: Thu, September 07, 2017
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'American Horror Story': Ranking the Seasons Vs. the Opening Credits

'American Horror Story': Ranking the Seasons Vs. the Opening Credits

Kai, meanwhile, may seem more confident than Ally on the surface, but his actions reflect the insecurities and fears that are now driving many Trump supporters, like the moment when he picks a fight with Mexican workers, telling them, "You wetbacks aren't welcome here no more".

Later on, Kai shows up where several hispanic men are hanging out. Are the murderous clowns Ally sees carrying on his legacy? Kai is an extremist, who is thrilled with Trump's win, and can't wait to start making America great again. "Why would they send us to Florida when we should have been in Wisconsin?" This a realm of cliches and characters who stand in for perspectives and demographics, so you now know everything about these characters that you're going to get.

And then comes another entwinement of characters when Winter ends up becoming Ivy and Ally's new babysitter. I can't make this stuff up. They have also experimented under the "AHS" banner, including the last outing, "Roanoke", a messy effort that satirized the quirks of reality television. While she screams in horror the scene cuts to black leaving her fate unknown. "But we've tried very careful to be fair", he noted. When she interviews to babysit Ozzie, she shares she took a break from school during the election to work on Clinton's campaign, which seems to be true. This means Ally finds herself in a completely empty grocery store with a worker wearing a Trump propaganda hat, apparently because what people find fantastically scary now is being alone with anyone who would admit to supporting Trump. She's polite and like-minded and she says all the right things. It's an interesting first scene to say the least, and the best of the episode. Meanwhile, upstairs at Kai's, Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) watches the news on her laptop and calls her friend to ask, "Why did CNN not give us a trigger warning!?"

Oh, and later, Kai pees into a condom and chucks it at a group of construction workers while hurling racial slurs at them, because of course he does. But when she's alone with Oz, Winter introduces him to the Dark Web and shows him videos of people being stabbed to death. Kai, unsurprisingly, is opposed, and launches into a diatribe over using fear to control people (it's a familiar narrative - earlier, when Winter admitted that she's "just so scared now", Kai snapped back, "Everyone is.") A city council member dismisses him as a basement dweller who feels free to emerge now that Trump is POTUS, and Kai storms out, incensed.

Ozzie sees the clowns as well, so maaaybe Ally isn't delusional?

Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards. CR Frank Ockenfels  FX
Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards. CR Frank Ockenfels FX

The son notices something going on across the street and points it out to Winter.

Ozzie saw the clowns march into his neighbors' home and murder the Chang family, but when he describes this all to the adults, Ivy and Ally assume he's adopted Ally's irrational phobia disregarding him.

Now that Ivy and Ally get a night to themselves, they spend it on a romantic dinner at their restaurant.

Interestingly, the late Mr. Chang is the same man who told Kai Anderson to buzz off at the town meeting.

Still, if the producers wanted to weigh in with any gravity on today's cultural schism they should have developed something new instead of trying to squeeze those aspirations into the blood-rimmed contours of "American Horror Story". Share your take below!

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