Published: Wed, September 06, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

Mom pulls gun during a Walmart 'back to school' scuffle

Mom pulls gun during a Walmart 'back to school' scuffle

The gun was also registered in his name, said the police.

The argument began as a verbal tousle over an exercise book in the back-to-school aisle of chain store Walmart, but quickly escalated to a criminally high level.

"It was in the back-to-school section over a notebook", Novi Police Det.

Apparently, so was a 20-year-old South Lyon woman and her mother, 51. There was one left. That invariably led to arguments about who was the rightful owner of that precious notebook and some pushing and shoving ensued.

Both duos of women were not backing down, as police and witnesses described the two women pulling the younger woman's hair. At least they did until her mother pulled out her gun.

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Shocking cellphone video shows a group of women fighting inside a Michigan Walmart when one of the women reaches into her purse and pulls out a handgun, sending customers and employees scurrying.

It is not yet clear what charges the woman who pulled the gun out will face, but police have confirmed they are preparing charges. She yelled at them to stop attacking her daughter, who was one of the women brawling over a stupid notebook.

The police noted that while the gun was loaded there was no round in the chamber.

"She's a valid CPL holder", Baetens said. All the same, all four women could be looking at charges. Scott Baetens called it a "senseless act of violence all the way around". "All the way up to felonious assault with a firearm, which is a felony". "I don't know how they ended up with it, but in the middle of the confrontation, they ended up with it and they purchased it", Baetens said.

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