Published: Thu, August 31, 2017
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WWE SmackDown results, recap, review: WWE championship is now secondary

WWE SmackDown results, recap, review: WWE championship is now secondary

Bobby Roode is set to play an important role on SmackDown Live.What's the story?

A distraught Owens went and sat on the commentary table during the match. Corbin attacked Dillinger again after the match, but Styles ran him off.

Aiden English serenades the crowd, when he is interrupted by Kevin Owens, who tells English not to waste his time on these Arkansas rednecks. Last week saw Baron Corbin get sucked into the US Title picture, Shane McMahon continue to make life miserable for Kevin Owens, and the debuts/returns of Bobby Roode, Shelton Benjamin, and Dolph Ziggler. Owens never chose McMahon as the referee, so now he feels screwed out of the title for the second time (the first time being SummerSlam).

Dillinger recovered quicly however, repaying Corbin in kind and ejecting him from the ring so that he could start the match properly, but the flawless 10 fell to a Calf-Crusher from the champ that had him quickly tapping out. There was no reason given for this match being made - considering Orton's multiple failed title chances - and it was announced early in the show not after the main event.

Shane has heard enough and makes his way out to the ring. Kevin Owens walked out and told him that none of the fans can't appreciate his talents.

English would take on Sami Zayn. During that match against Sami Zayn, Owens wanted to prove how easy it is to be a referee, so he took the jersey off the official. Kanellis beats Roode into the corner and stomps away at him on the mat.

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Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Dolph Ziggler, who says they can expect nothing tonight in Little Rock.

Dolph Ziggler put off his return, claiming he needs more time.

The veteran high-flier is teaming up with Chad Gable in what Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan hopes is an exciting new tag pairing. He then went for the pop-up Samoan Drop but Kofi countered it into a dragon sleeper. Big E got sent out of the ring late in the match and Kofi was duped by a blind tag The Usos made.

The Smackdown Women's Championship is now held by Natalya, who will have to face Naomi at some point for her mandatory rematch for the title. Natalya promised to make Carmella "the Baron Corbin of the women's division" if she tried to cash in Money in the Bank during her title reign.

Over the past few weeks, Tamina has had this unusual belief that Lana has the power to give her a SmackDown Women's Championship opportunity. Rusev got involved to take out Orton, leading to this main event tag team match. Post the match, Lana brought in several photographers to take pictures of the victor Tamina. Shinsuke kicks at Rusev and then knees him in the mid section.

Orton and Nakamura stare each other down as they face each other next week. The team put up a tremendous effort against WWE champ Jinder Mahal and Rusev, shaking off any dastardly tactics to emerge triumphant when the king of strong style planted a Kinshasa on Rusev for the win. Orton hit the RKO on Nakamura as he celebrated after the match, the only storyline development for next week's main event.

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