Published: Thu, August 31, 2017
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SmackDown Recap: Shelton's In-ring Return

SmackDown Recap: Shelton's In-ring Return

Bobby Roode made his SmackDown debut last week, pinning Aiden English.

A distraught Owens went and sat on the commentary table during the match. After the match, Lana instructed two photographers to enter the ring and take pictures of them celebrating the victory.

With John Cena now appearing on Raw, Styles' rivalry with Kevin Owens has been Styles' primary focus. Owens complained about how he chose Corbin as his referee in last week's title match against AJ Styles but it ended up being Shane McMahon who decided the match in favor of Styles. The match had been set up from the earlier incident that saw Jinder and The Singh Brothers attack Nakamura with Orton trying to make a save. Owens said it never would've happened with Stephanie McMahon over on "Raw".

Dillinger recovered quicly however, repaying Corbin in kind and ejecting him from the ring so that he could start the match properly, but the ideal 10 fell to a Calf-Crusher from the champ that had him quickly tapping out.

Shane has heard enough and makes his way out to the ring. Kanellis beats Roode into the corner and stomps away at him on the mat. Where will he go from here, and what is Shane McMahon's response regarding last week's main event? Knocking out the ref and assuming the role of official himself with the magical powers bestowed upon him by the striped shirt, Owens hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Zayn and gave English the three-count. Kevin Owens walked out and told him that none of the fans can't appreciate his talents.

According to the report, Ziggler was only brought back to TV for this particular feud, and it seems that Dolph could be leaving WWE in October when his contract expires, as he's reportedly "very unlikely" to renew his deal. Big E and Kofi Kingston will have to represent the New Day for the time being, and this time, they face the Usos to see which team gets to pick the stipulation for their SmackDown Tag Team Championship rematch.

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Dolph goes off on numerous current gimmick in WWE and promises next week to be all flash and no substance. Kofi counters a Samoan drop with a sleeper, but Jimmy causes a distraction to free Jey. After catching Kofi Kingston with a roll-up via a blind tag, the Usos were in a dominant position as they could decide on what kind of match they wanted to have in their title defense. Plus, Lana has promised Tamina a road that will lead her to the SmackDown Women's Title.

The Smackdown Women's Championship is now held by Natalya, who will have to face Naomi at some point for her mandatory rematch for the title. Nattie steps in and tells Carmella that if she tries to cash in, she will make Carmella the Baron Corbin of the Women's division. Nakamura and Rusev gets tags.

Tamina tossed her around the ring then hit her finisher for the win. Late in the contest, Nakamura tagged in and went after Rusev, taking him down with knees. Nakamura won the match after The Artist delivered a Kinshasa to Rusev for the three count.

Before Shinsuke Nakamura battles Randy Orton next week, they both face their SummerSlam opponents.

After the match, Orton cut off the celebration with an RKO to Nakamura.

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