Published: Wed, August 30, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Angela Merkel : German Chancellor calls for extension of European Union border controls

Angela Merkel : German Chancellor calls for extension of European Union border controls

'That contradicts the spirit of Europe, ' she said.

"The last four years of the Kohl era was a period of stagnation and political agony", he added.

The chancellor has been holding rallies across the country for more than two weeks now, touting her 12-year record of halving unemployment, citing progress in the refugee crisis and pledging expanded broadband access.

However, the betting market remains confident that Chancellor Merkel's party the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and her sister party, Christian Social Union (CSU) will be the biggest in next month's election. The farthest Merkel would go in that direction, however, was to say she could support a eurozone "economy and finance minister" focused on improving the currency area's competitiveness. "All member states of the eurozone are showing economic growth, including Greece", Merkel said just less than a month before Germany's September 24 national election.

In an interview with national broadcaster ZDF, Merkel said Germany allows plaintiffs to bundle lawsuits against financial companies and the same rights could be offered to vehicle buyers if done right.

[R] efugees should be distributed among the European Union member states in solidarity, she said.

He also accused Merkel of shying away from a real debate after she reportedly rejected a television network's proposals to change up the format to allow for more spontaneity when the pair face off next Sunday.

Wesley Hoedt on bench for Southampton against Huddersfield Town
It means that the Saints have scored just once from open play in three games this season, highlighting the side's issues up-front. "We know that we have a hard game away on Saturday against a tough team".

At least one reporter wanted to know why Merkel only appeared once a year for a major press conference on her own, accusing the chancellor of being more media shy than President Donald Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin. "But it has to be properly designed".

"The individual consumer who drives a auto and has to make his case against Volkswagen or Daimler is lost on his own", he said.

Speaking to Die Welt daily's she said, "I'd make all the important decisions of 2015 the same way again...."

But Merkel pointed out that the protesters were a small minority in the crowd of some 1,500 people. The Government claims it never put a numerical figure on the number it would accept through the "Dubs scheme" - which was championed by Labour peer Lord Dubs, himself a Jewish refugee to the United Kingdom from Nazi-occupied Europe during WWII.

"Some believe the problems in Germany can be fixed by screaming - but I don't think so", she said.

Merkel, seeing a fourth term, has had to contend with loud and sustained heckling from demonstrators strongly opposed to her refugee policies so far on the campaign trail.

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