Published: Mon, August 28, 2017
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Game of Thrones rolls out AR camera effect on Facebook

Last week's episode made the hierarchy of the undead army explicit.

Another part of theory that unfolds with this is the idea of the voices telling the Mad King to burn all of them was it really Bran Stark telling them to burn the White Walkers?

The final clincher of this theory actually comes from a scene in the previous episode, "Eastwatch," when Bran is warging into a flock of crows flying over the army of wights. This detail has huge implications for the story. Questions like that are how you end up with people asking if Bran Stark could somehow be the Night King.

Why can't Bran just stop attacking Westeros then?

There are many times when Bran used all his powers to go back to the past and trying to change things. Because, as the old Three-Eyed Raven told young Bran, "The ink is dry". Keep scrolling to learn more about the Night King!

But the most important piece in the puzzle is when Bran has the vision of when the Night King was Born, as explained by YouTuber Game of Theories a few months ago. You have to watch it to believe it.

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The series has had many villains during its seven season run - but none have been as terrifying as the Night King. But that ability would explain why the wight captured by Jon and his Suicide Squad wasn't taken out due to the death of the White Walker they encounter in that small initial group. But if Jon and his men can't take down the night King in this way, they can still use their newfound knowledge to chip away slowly at the rest of the White Walker army. It was all a trap, planned well in advance. She and her dragons seemed unstoppable in their heroic rescue of Jon's crew. Which is why he had weapons not just ready, but close to him, that could destroy dragons.

More evidence that suggests the spot where the Night King killed Viserion wasn't mere coincidence - as a Greenseer, he'd have been able to foresee both the dragons coming and the spot with the chains and the ice lake (so Viserion would be submerged and unable to be burned by Jon Snow and company) as the ideal confluence of factors in procuring an ice dragon.

Still not convinced? Well, this guy wrote a Medium post on "Why Bran Stark Is not the Night King".

By creating a Night King video, you'll join the ranks of Thrones' very own Kristofer Hivju - who plays Tormund Giantsbane. He's not going to improvise his way through the wall, he knows how it's going to fall.

'If the white walkers are connected to the world of magic, they may be able to sense the presence of dragons...

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