Published: Tue, August 22, 2017
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Google Search On Android Gets Video Previews

Google Search On Android Gets Video Previews

Android Oreo was first rolled out as a developer preview build way back in March, and as is usually the case with new Android releases, the OS has gone through a number of changes, tweaks, and updates in the months since.

There's no official date for when other Android-powered devices will receive the update. It appears that everyone will have to wait till Monday for both the solar eclipse as well as the launch of the latest version of Android. Here are seven new features coming to your Android smartphone with "O" update. The sweet biscuit might have done the partnership with the Android maker.

From back in July, given that the last Android O beta release has a almost final release candidate version and that Google is running out of time to hit its promised "summer" release. Along with the Android O's announcement, Google is expected to begin the rollout of the update to Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones right away.

Oreo represents only the second time that Google has gone with a commercial nickname for Android.

What comes as a complete plot twist, it looks like the next Android 8.0 version is not to be named the Oreo but instead will go with the name "Orellete".

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There's also a redesigned emoji set with more than 60 new graphics and improvements to reduce battery consumption.

Android Oreo now has notification channels that let users categorize notifications from different apps into "channels", as well as block notifications they don't want to see. Autofill will save logins for frequently-used apps, and there's Android Instant Apps support for accessing software without installs. As noted, the Google Assistant works even when the screen is off, but apparently, it gets much slower compared to when the screen is turned on.

To make your searching more efficient and accessible, Google introduces Video preview to the searches made in Chrome and Google app with muted sound. This will allow for things like watching a YouTube video or receiving a video call while sending an email or text message.

Tech giant Google will soon incorporate video results for its search engine users, with the introduction of its new "video preview" feature.

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