Published: Sat, August 19, 2017
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Saudi coalition attacks kill many children in Yemen

Saudi coalition attacks kill many children in Yemen

"The Yemeni people's suffering has relentlessly intensified", he told the UN Security Council yesterday.

United Nations aid chief Stephen O'Brien slammed Yemen's government and a Saudi-led military coalition for "unilaterally denying or excessively delaying entry to vessels carrying essential cargo" to the port.

The United Nations has worked to avert attacks on Hodeidah port, where around 80 percent of Yemen's food imports arrive.

On July 27, the Saudi-led coalition's air defense forces shot down a ballistic missile in Taif province, which Houthi rebels fired from Northern Yemen. The Houthi movement denies the allegations.

"In 2017, the number of air strikes per month is three times higher than past year, and monthly reports of armed clashes are up by more than 50 percent", he said.

Forecasters watching 3 tropical disturbances as Hurricane Gert passes by
As of Wednesday morning, Gert is a category 1 hurricane that may have category 2 ambitions while it near the Gulf Stream. Forecasters estimate the disturbance has a 40 percent chance of tropical formation within the next five days.

The coalition began an air campaign in March 2015 to help the Yemen government defeat the Iran-allied Houthis.

Every day spent without serious action means more destruction and death, he said, as well as the spread of terrorist groups - such as the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - and "uncontrolled migration" through the Gulf of Aden to Yemen, where more than 41 migrants died in early August after being forced to abandon their boats and jump.

O'Brien called for the opening of all ports, including land, sea and air, to civilian traffic to allow in aid, as well as for parties to the conflict to respect worldwide human and human rights law. Fact."Yemen's catastrophe is completely manmade", O'Brien said. The World Health Organization said Monday that the cholera outbreak has killed 2,000 people and infected an estimated 500,000.

Ould Cheikh Ahmed told the Security Council on Friday he is working to get a deal to secure the flow of aid, payment of salaries to civil servants and prevention of arms smuggling.

In his recent meetings with senior Yemeni officials and regional leaders, he said that "there is still consensus on the need to reach a political solution and to support the UN-sponsored peace process under the Secretary-General's auspices". Each of the United States and Saudi Arabia have accused Houthi militias of receiving Iranian funds and arms.

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