Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Manafort changes legal team as investigations expand

Manafort changes legal team as investigations expand

Given these earlier statements and the fact that President Trump himself has said he fired FBI Director James Comey to get rid of the "great pressure" of the Russian investigation, Trump's most recent assertions are not particularly credible.

The report, citing "people familiar with the matter", indicates that Manafort has been cooperating with Mueller's team and was the one who three months ago disclosed that the now infamous Donald Trump Jr. meeting had taken place.

In any case, the Justice Department frequently deploys tough tactics with a larger goal in mind: securing the cooperation of insiders who can guide authorities through a complex investigation and help deliver bigger targets. "I know Mr. Manafort".

Though the raid, which Bloomberg reported had come as a surprise to Manafort, was the most striking sign yet that investigators are closing in on the former campaign chairman, they're pursuing plenty of other paths.

Just last month, Manafort registered as a foreign agent for past work on behalf of Ukraine, his spokesperson confirmed at the time to ABC News.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents stormed Manafort's home before dawn, suggesting it was likely a "no knock raid".

Google Cancels Meeting Intended To Address Anti-Diversity Memo
Dory is an internal Q&A tool that allows employees to ask questions before meetings, including all-hands meetings and town halls. Another echoed Damore's criticisms: "I am a moderately conservative Googler, and I am and have been scared to share my beliefs".

Given the president's frantic attacks on the special counsel, for once I agree with Barr.

The Washington law firm WilmerHale has represented Manafort to this point. "These are methods are normally found and employed in Russian Federation not America". Additionally, special counsel Robert Mueller has reached out to other business associates, including Manafort's son-in-law and a Ukrainian oligarch, according to one of the people.

"You have no reason for appointing somebody with the power of the government if you have no evidence of a crime having been committed", Gingrich groused. For the judge to allow the search to occur before 6:00 AM, prosecutors must show good cause. The president has discussed both the possibility of firing Mr. Mueller and his concerns that the investigation will undermine his presidency. It also reported he was $17 million in debt to a Russian oligarch when he joined Trump's campaign. He was known for setting up companies to buy real estate, including in Trump Tower.

West Wing staffers who aren't with Trump at his New Jersey golf course have been temporarily relocated to an office building next to the White House. The aggressive reaction from Trump's lawyer demonstrates their concern. Gates also worked on the Trump campaign, transition and for a pro-Trump group.

"I don't think it was helpful for his attorney to criticize the raid on Manafort", Turley added.

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