Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

BMW violently plunges off Texas parking garage

BMW violently plunges off Texas parking garage

A BMW plunged 7 stories from a Texas garage last month and crashed front-first into the alley below.

The clip, released by Austin Police Department on Thursday, shows a Chevrolet Tahoe 4X4 about to turn around when the BMW falls onto the ground front wheels first just yards from the other vehicle.

The woman in the BMW was hospitalized, but police expect her to be okay. Out of nowhere, a BMW falls into frame, hitting the ground and bouncing against the Tahoe. After the crash, he told local TV station KVUE, he was turning around with his window down when he heard something "I was talking to my mom on speaker on my phone, and I heard all these loud noises and bangs...." Authorities said the woman was seriously injured.

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'So I just immediately just put it in drive and started driving forward and as I started driving forward, the auto landed on me'. Bystanders reportedly helped the driver until paramedics arrived.

The incident marked the second time in less than a year that a vehicle broke through the barriers of the same parking garage.

The parking garage at 508 Brazos Street in downtown Austin features a cable guardrail system instead of the usual concrete walls to keep cars from flying off the edge on the back alley side.

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