Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
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Donald Glover Isn't Done With Childish Gambino Just Yet

Donald Glover Isn't Done With Childish Gambino Just Yet

Music artist, actor, and comedian Donald Glover revealed details on the second season of Atlanta.

Howard became the new Han Solo director in June after Chris Miller and Phil Lord exited the project due to "creative differences over style and tone" between themselves and longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. Glover relocated to the United Kingdom about a year ago, and says the change of scenery inspired him to write: "I've been working on that here". Talking to Clara Amfo on BBC Radio 1, Donald revealed that he'd already been working on new material, and that living in the United Kingdom had been the catalyst.

"At this point in time, I'm not exactly sure how I'm addressing you", Amfo began her interview, stating how she was aware of Glover's intention to retire the Childish Gambino name. "I feel like if you rush it, you're going to get something you don't want and you'll start to question why you even like it. Where I'm like, 'I do what I want when I want to do it, and trust me because I also want to make you money'". "As much as 'Redbone" is a punk song because it's a gospel song that's on the radio, I'm like there's only so far you can go before you just are the radio". But to be completely honest, it's nearly ready. "London has been very inspirational". "I'm pretty happy with a lot of the things, and I think it's better than the first season".

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Getting cast as Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo origin story movie is a huge deal for any young actor, but for Donald Glover, it was personal: His parents are huge fans of the wry smuggler Billy Dee Williams brought to life in The Empire Strikes Back, so Glover's appreciation for the role he'd play in adulthood started at a very, very early age.

Listen to Glover's full interview, here.

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