Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Chicago Will Sue the Justice Department Over Threats to Defund Sanctuary Cities

Chicago Will Sue the Justice Department Over Threats to Defund Sanctuary Cities

"Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate", Chicago Mayor Ram Emanuel told the Chicago Tribune. "We can not be forced to violate our residents' constitutional rights".

Chicago is taking legal action against the US Justice Department over its threats to withdraw money from so-called "sanctuary cities" following a controversial executive order by President Donald Trump، Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced، according to "Press TV". On Monday, Chicago filed suit in federal court against Sessions, alleging that the new policy violates multiple provisions in the Constitution and federal law. Chicago has been a sanctuary city since the 1980s, beefing up its policies in the past decade, particularly since Trump took office.

Mr. Trump and his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, have argued that sanctuary policies like Chicago's endanger American citizens and police officers by allowing undocumented immigrants who commit crimes to stay in the country and evade justice.

Mayor Emanuel, with support from other city leaders, also made it clear Chicago will continue to protect illegal immigrants.

Dozens of local governments and cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, have joined the growing "sanctuary" movement.

More specifically, federal law does not require cities to honor so-called detainer requests from federal immigration authorities, he notes.

Second, the Court has said that conditions may not be imposed on federal grants unless they are "unambiguously" stated in the statute's text "so that the States can knowingly decide whether or not to accept those funds".

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Specifically, two weeks ago, Sessions announced that in order to receive crime-fighting assistance through the Justice Assistance Grant program, cities must give ICE unlimited access to detention facilities, alert immigration authorities when suspects are released, and share immigration status information with federal authorities.

The new rule would force local police to report about illegal immigrants released from police custody. "So the uncle, the grandma, the tio, might be undocumented and imagine what happens when the police show up and ask 'What's your immigration status, ' they have to keep tabs, it's against human rights and people are just not going to call 911", said Ald. The grants have been used in previous years to purchase SWAT equipment, police vehicles, radios and TASERs.

"Our job is to investigate crime", Chicago Police Dept.

Emanuel said Sessions' new policy is unlawful and unconstitutional.

Although Chicago stands to lose a relatively small $3.2 million public-safety grant that it uses for police equipment، Emanuel said he would still sue the administration. Last year, the city received $2.3 million in Byrne JAG funds.

Chicago law prohibits police from providing Immigration and Customs officials access to people in police custody, unless they are wanted on a criminal warrant or have serious criminal convictions.

Siskel also said the city chose to file a lawsuit now, rather than after it had been denied a grant, because of the new conditions set last week.

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