Published: Sat, August 05, 2017
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The HBO hackers stole 'thousands' of internal company documents

The HBO hackers stole 'thousands' of internal company documents

"At this time, we do not believe that our email system as a whole has been compromised, but the forensic review is ongoing", he added.

New reports indicate that the FBI is now involved in an investigation into the hack (along with a cybersecurity firm called Mandiant), and that the total amount of content stolen was a staggering 1.5 terabytes.

Sometimes when hackers steal data from companies, they seek a ransom in exchange for not publishing the data.

Thus far, the data breach appears limited to HBO, according to Time Warner, and none of its other subsidiaries has been affected.

"Game of Thrones" spoilers may now be the least of HBO's worries this season.

Although the motive behind HBO attack is unclear, it doesn't seem to be financial gain. While Netflix successfully weathered the storm - its stock price even increased despite the leaks - the breach at HBO comes at a sensitive time as its parent company, Time Warner, seeks to close an $85 billion acquisition by AT&T.

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The data stolen from HBO-which includes photos, videos, scripts and other valuable files relating to the network's intellectual property-reportedly had been stored in several locations, suggesting the hackers breached multiple points of entry in the company's computer network.

"You have to understand that the reasons hackers attack certain sites vary greatly", noted Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

Given the fact that content is so expensive to produce, and that it routinely is pirated, it's questionable whether future hackers will consider it valuable enough to exploit. On July 29, the company alerted its more than 2,500 employees of hack and advised them not to open any suspicious emails.

What's more, another report by The Washington Post said USA insight authorities trust the HBO hack is significantly littler than the information rupture at Sony in 2014.

"That makes the event quite different than the 2014 Sony hack executed by the 'Guardians of Peace, ' who were later identifiedas North Korea-supported hackers who were retaliating against Sony's film, The Interview, which parodied North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un", said King. "A traditional business-grade DSL link would take about two weeks at full blast to exfiltrate that much data", says Farsight Security CEO Paul Vixie, noting that a finished Blu-ray is about 30 gigabytes.

An HBO spokesman declined to discuss details of the hack.

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