Published: Fri, August 04, 2017
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Game of Thrones Showrunners Discuss [SPOILER]'s Season 7 Death Scene

Game of Thrones Showrunners Discuss [SPOILER]'s Season 7 Death Scene

The meeting of the two characters came to a close on Sunday with Daenerys allowing Snow to mine dragonglass, a rare element, from the island in order to use it as weapons against the impending threat of Whitewalkers. And there's Jaime, blind in love, still pledging his allegiance to his lover. Turns out, Ellaria Sand and her Snakes are the prize. It's nearly too brutal to watch even though there is no violence involved. Cersei is impressed and promises Euron she will be his bride once the war is won. In this time, Cersei has gained a cunning ally and solidified her hold on the Iron throne. The Iron Bank's manager pays her a visit, and implies that the Iron Bank may have to begin supporting Dany instead. "I want her to know it was me".

Could the way things went down at Casterly Rock and Highgarden be causing her to question the guidance of Tyrion (Peter Dinklage)? "To be honest, I was drunk for most of it".

What are your Game of Thrones theories?

And, nobody sees this coming except Olenna. But before she gave up the ghost, Lady Olenna, who has always been a tough personality, fiercely drove a knife into Jamie and dropped a bombshell on all of us but it definitely hit Jamie the hardest: She killed King Joffrey.

If there's something good about this episode, it's Ser Jorah Mormont.

Three murder suspects shot dead while trying to flee from Court
Three of the assailants were killed and the two others were wounded and recaptured, officials said. We began to be evacuated. "Later somebody said that an armed guard had been wounded", she said.

"He doesn't have much insight into what she's gone through", says Weiss. He looks well and has found reasons to live, thanks to Samwell Tarly. It is a tearful reunion for Sansa and she soon reminds Bran that he is the true heir of Winterfell.

Vanity Fair notes that Casterly Rock "has never resonated with fans" the way other ancestral homes like Winterfell have, but it explains why it matters so much to Tyrion, and digs deep into its place in both the books (referencing "Lann the Clever") and in the show.

He, on the other hand, has no expressions on his face. It's safe to say by the look on his face that he probably peed his trousers a little. Which means if and when Dany sees concrete proof of the enemies Jon warns about, there's little question that she'll respond in Jon's favor. hopefully not too late to make an actual impact. Either the creators want us to think something is going on with the chambermaid by lingering the camera on an insignificant character, or the chambermaid is, in fact, Arya in disguise. Bran told Sansa she looked handsome on her wedding night in her white dress.

Bran is inhuman enough now to think that telling your sister how attractive she looked on the night she was raped by her monstrous ex-husband is acceptable small talk.

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