Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

More Apple iPhone 8 insights, no presence of in-screen Touch ID

More Apple iPhone 8 insights, no presence of in-screen Touch ID

The next version of Apple's iPhone will have infrared-based facial recognition unlocking - eliminating need for a passcode or fingerprint - and will have an nearly all-screen design on the front, say developers digging into the pre-release of firmware distributed by Apple.

In the code Troughton-Smith analyzed, there was a mention of a "face detect operation".

Developers including Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo have been tweeting their findings, notably the discovery of the new iPhone's bezel-less screen design. The iPhone 8 will not have a physical home button and its bezels will be smaller than ever.

After a couple days of sleuthing, Mr Troughton-Smith found code that appears to reveal a new feature that would let you unlock an iPhone with your face, dubbed BKFaceDetect.

The iPhone 8, set to launch 10 years after the first iPhone hit shelves, will be a big release. We expect the iPhone 8 to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 7s duo in September, but it won't be on shelves until late October or early November.

As many have been lead to believe through previous reports, it appears as if the iPhone 8 will indeed be removing the Home button. Still present are the iPhone's round edges and cutout for a front-facing camera with sensors.

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iPhone 8 Price: A new report claims that the iPhone 8 will start at $1,100, reports AppleInsider.

Apple's HomePod firmware dissection provided a massive amount of information about the smart speaker itself.

To recall, a couple of Tech experts and tipsters have been speculating over the past few weeks about Apple ditching the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and include the face recognition feature as a replacement.

If the leak is legit - and it looks like it is - this represents one of the larger Apple breaches in recent years.

Apple has yet to officially respond but it's safe to say that whoever is responsible at Cupertino isn't having a very good start to their week.

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