Published: Tue, August 01, 2017
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Australian PM Says Plot to Bring Down Plane Disrupted

Australian PM Says Plot to Bring Down Plane Disrupted

After Australian police prevented a plane bombing by conducting raids across Sydney, the Australian government has enforced new security measures that require domestic flight passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before their departure.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said the men arrested were allegedly linked to an Islamist-inspired plan to detonate an improvised explosive device.

Police previously said the men planned an attack on targets which included police headquarters in Sydney, along with civilian targets.

"Travelers will see additional checks underway at most major airports and may experience delays due to these at some, depending on the time of day", the department said in an email.

Security has been heightened at Sydney airport, the nation's busiest hub, since Thursday, Turnbull said.

At a time when "lone wolf" and low-tech terror attacks - such as vehicle-ramming and stabbings - have become more commonplace, especially in Europe, the thwarted plot sounds more akin to those of past years, when terrorists sought to carry out more high-profile attacks on aircraft, using bombs hidden in hand-luggage liquids, shoes or underwear.

Airlines and airports are urging travellers to limit their baggage and arrive earlier for domestic and global flights, as tougher security measures prompt concerns of travel delays across the country.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller pointed that the reality with terrorism is that one could not wait.

Most flights have been leaving on time despite the delays.

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He declined to detail the threat that the security staff were searching for.

A woman led from a raid by police with her head covered told Nine Network Television: "I love Australia".

"It may be that we need to look at the security settings at our airports, in particular our domestic airports, for an ongoing enduring period", he said.

"(Security measures) will be required for as long as the threat is assessed as requiring them".

Australia's terrorism threat level hasn't been changed following the raids.

Australia is a staunch ally of the United States and partner in military campaigns in the Middle East.

The plot was the 13th disrupted by police since Australia's terrorist threat level was elevated in 2014.

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