Published: Fri, July 28, 2017
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Good news, because apparently booze can improve your recent memory

Good news, because apparently booze can improve your recent memory

Scientists claim that consuming alcohol after studying can actually improve people's memory. However, a recent research might prove you wrong. People in the first one were told to drink as much as they wanted, while the others were prohibited from drinking.

It's nearly as if they're saying getting drunk is good as, better still, those who drunk the most also remembered the most. Then they were each given a word-learning task.

"The causes of this effect are not fully understood, but the leading explanation is that alcohol blocks the learning of new information and therefore the brain has more resources available to lay down other recently learned information into long-term memory", said Morgan.

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The researchers did stress that this limited positive effect should be considered alongside the well-established negative effects of excessive alcohol on memory and mental and physical health.

We've been there, so we were surprised to hear about a new study from the University of Exeter that basically says people who drink are better at remembering what they learned. As per the theory, hippocampus, the most important part of the brain-switches to consolidating the memories, transferring the information from short to long term memory.

Even though this effect had been shown under laboratory conditions previously, this study remains the first to test the same in a natural setting, where all the participants involved drank at their homes. The results of this trial did not reveal any significant differences in memory performance after drinking alcohol. Thus scientists suggest living a balanced lifestyle with proper food, exercise and sleep could delay the risk of memory impairment. Findings of a new study have found that drinking booze after studying may help boost the brain's ability to retain information. The drinkers consumed an average of four units and, when compared with the non-drinkers the next day, were found to have a better recall of the words learned.

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