Published: Thu, July 27, 2017
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What we know on the 39 Indians missing from Mosul

What we know on the 39 Indians missing from Mosul

"So we are continuing with the search operation", she told the House.

External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj has once again won hearts with her heartwarming tweet to Indian daughters and daughters-in-law from other countries.

Sarwan Singh, who belongs to Amritsar and whose brother, Nishan Singh, is among the missing people, said, "If the government can not get them back, at least it should tell us where they are or in which jail they are lodged and most importantly if they are dead or alive".

In 2014, 39 Indian labourers, mostly from Punjab, were taken hostage by ISIS when it overran Iraq's second largest city Mosul.

"Similarly, the families are also free to carry out the last rituals of the missing but it will be at their own responsibility", she said counselling patience to the Opposition members who were aggressively pursuing the issue. "We are trying to follow news gained through intelligence sources, and we consider that all the Indians are alive".

In a forceful statement in the Lok Sabha, Swaraj rejected allegations that she misled the country on the issue and said the government will continue its efforts to trace them until getting evidence of their death.

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"It is a sin to declare a person dead without concrete evidence". According to Swaraj, "6 sources said Indians were alive". They were later captured and lodged in Badush jail.

The external affairs minister cited an example of the Congress government declaring a soldier martyr in 1971 war and after 45 years, it was found that he was in a jail in Pakistan.

She added: "Anyone who feels convinced that the missing Indians are dead can go ahead and tell the families of the construction workers". She said even list of prisoners will help. "If I get one solid proof of their death, I'll tell them".

The Indian Embassy and the external affairs ministry have been using various diplomatic channels to establish contact with the abductors as well as the abductees. "No one including their families will ask me anything after that", Swaraj said on Wednesday.

Iraq has announced it's offering financial rewards for information regarding the whereabouts of dozens of Indian citizens believed to have been kidnapped by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in 2014.

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