Published: Wed, July 26, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Trump tweets about "very big and exciting" trade deal with UK

Trump tweets about

"When we, for example, sign a deal, let's say with the United States, we don't give the United States Supreme Court the right to enforce that", he said. Donald Trump said that he would back a "very, very big" trade deal between the two countries.

"If the International Trade Secretary wants the public to trust him, he needs to take the opportunity while he's in the USA and devour a chlorine-washed chicken live on camera", said Mr McGrory.

There are also more straightforward issues regarding tariffs on imported goods.

"Of course it's important we explore new trading opportunities, with the United States and other nations across the world, but it must not be, and the cabinet is agreed on this, at the risk of dropping any environmental standards whatsoever", he said.

"We're looking at bilateral ways, while we're still members of the European Union, to achieve trade liberalisation on a number of fronts on science and technology, and we are looking to scope out the future free trade agreement with no preconceptions attached to that", he added.

But Dr Fox has also sparked controversy during his trip to the US because the Government has refused to rule out lifting a ban on chlorinated chicken as part of a post-Brexit US-UK trade. Tariffs in a way are not that hard. "I don't think people would want to have it dragging on".

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"When the stated aim is to make your own laws, not have the same controls, then we need to have checks". However, the bigger issue around chlorine-washed chicken is less around food safety, and more to do with animal welfare.

The European Parliament's cross-party Brexit steering group, headed by Mr Verhofstadt, backed the position set out by EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier last week.

But after meeting Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek, David Davis said disagreements remain over the role of the European Court of Justice.

So why has the subject cropped up and what exactly is a chlorine-washed chicken?

Theresa May's spokesman has said that maintaining safety and public confidence in food was of the highest priority, but that it was too early to get into the specifics and "hypotheticals" of any deal.

The practice which is banned in the European Union on health grounds involves chicken carcasses being dipped in strongly chlorinated water, it is thought this process leads to sloppy standards in abattoirs as they rely on decontaminating rather than ensuring basic hygiene is up to standard.

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