Published: Mon, July 24, 2017
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Warner Bros. gives the green light to Wonder Woman sequel

Warner Bros. gives the green light to Wonder Woman sequel

Yes that's right Diana aka Wonder Woman is coming back on the big screen along with 8 other DC movies including the "Justice League", "Shazam", "Suicide Squad 2", Justice League Dark", "The Flash: "Flashpoint", "Green Lantern Corps", " The Batman" and "Batgirl".

The popularity of the Wonder Womans, Reys and Deaneryses of the world prove that women want to see themselves as superheroes, jedis and mothers of dragons.

Forbes reports that the first female-led superhero movie in years made about $384 million at the domestic box office. And when the simple Wonder Woman II graphic appeared at the end of a sizzle reel, the crowd went wild. Warner Bros confirmed that Wonder Woman 2 will indeed be happening and revealed the same during ongoing Comic Con 2017 in San Diego, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Justice League will be in cinemas on November 17, while there has been no official release date as yet for the Woman Wonder sequel. Fifty Shades Of Grey previously held the title for that. It doesn't matter that the woman at the centre of the movie is her own independent self.

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Gal Gadot is not that voice.

Patty Jenkins is expected to direct the movie and she has already teased some ideas for the film. She did not mention the role that was offered to her. Theron would have been ideal addition to Themyscira.

But even though we didn't see her strap on the leather in Wonder Woman, we can still look forward to seeing the South African actress kick butt in Atomic Blonde. She stands for everything that is good...and there's nothing not to love about her.

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