Published: Mon, July 24, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Pokemon Go Fest Called A "Disaster"

Pokemon Go Fest Called A

Niantic have announced that Lugia will start rolling within the next 48hrs, and will be followed by another Legendary launch.

So fans who attended the event still have the chance of trying out the first Pokemon Go Legendary Raids, without needing to be on festival grounds.

The gaming event Saturday in Chicago's Grant Park had seen almost 20,000 attendees lining up to get in the entrance as early as 6 a.m. Frustrated, the fans chanted "fix the game" during game developer Niantic's opening presentation and Niantic CEO John Hanke was booed when he took the stage, according to the Chicago Tribune. While Pokemon Go was great publicity for the Pokemon franchise last summer, we can't help but wonder whether the franchise is now getting negatively impacted by Pokemon Go's constant bad press. "And we're working on the game server to get that worked out". However, Niantic is doing everything they can to try and right the wrongs, they released an update on their website letting everyone know what to expect.

Since Team Mystic contributed the most to the event, the next Legendary available for capture will be their mascot, Articuno.

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For the first Legendary Pokémon to be revealed, Trainers from all over the world must unite together in a battle.

Other sites have reported that cell service in the area of Grant Park, the event's location, was understandably shaky - but, even when players were able to get through, the game seemed buggy and in some cases completely broken.

And while it was technical difficulties that deflated Niantic's grand Pokemon plans, it wasn't for the reason many organizers had warned: the weather. Everyone who registered will also received Lugia added to their party without having to battle for it.

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