Published: Mon, July 24, 2017
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German girl arrested in Iraq is missing Linda Wenzel, say authorities

German girl arrested in Iraq is missing Linda Wenzel, say authorities

Dresden prosecutor Lorenz Haase said Saturday that his office has not applied for the return of 16-year-old Linda W. from Pulsnitz in eastern Germany, who was found in Mosul earlier this month.

Search operations are underway to locate the 39 missing Indians who were taken as prisoners by the Islamic State in 2014 from Mosul city and there is high level coordination between Iraqi and Indian concerned authorities, Iraq Embassy to India said on Sunday. It began in May a year ago when she met online a Muslim preacher from Hamburg who sent her a copy of the Quran which she brought to school every day. The fate of her husband was not known.

The media outlets said the teenager had told them she regretted joining IS, wanted to be extradited to Germany and would cooperate with authorities.

The girl is reported to be in good health and will be interrogated this week by Iraqi officials. The French government has asked that the Iraqis allow the children to be returned to France. He demanded a parliamentary committee to look into the issue and said it should be sent to Mosul in Iraq to know the reality first-hand.

Germany's foreign ministry declined to comment on the report.

In addition to Linda W., the Iraqis found three other women from Germany, with roots in Morocco, Algeria and Chechnya.

The officials say the women had allegedly been working with IS in the police force.

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Authorities questioned the teens involved in the incident, but are not expected to press charges , as no criminal act occurred. His office worked with police and came up with the statute requiring people to report a death when they are aware of it.

They say four German women have been arrested so far " including one each of Moroccan, Algerian, Chechen and German descent.

Swaraj recently met the family members of the missing workers in New Delhi and informed them that the Islamic State had transferred the Indians at a jail in Badush, near Mosul.

Linda Wenzel disappeared from her home in Pulsnitz, near Dresden, after converting to Islam in secret. "Still, she kept on misleading the families back home that they were safe and held hostage by ISIS".

Mosul is Iraq's second largest city and the key to security in the north.

The woman, believed to be in her 30s, was arrested July 9 along with her two sons and two daughters in a basement in Mosul's Old City, according to Iraqi intelligence officials.

We are talking about two men, eight children and 16 women.

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