Published: Mon, July 24, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Chaos Erupts As Protesters Take Over Minneapolis Mayor's Press Conference

Chaos Erupts As Protesters Take Over Minneapolis Mayor's Press Conference

Chaos erupted at a press conference Friday night as the mayor nominated a new police chief.

"I've lost confidence in the chief's ability to lead us further".

"Despite the MPD's many accomplishments under my leadership over these years and my love for the city, I have to put the communities we serve first".

Harteau resigned nearly a week after a Minneapolis officer shot an unarmed Australian woman who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault.

"The individual has been cooperative and provided an interview today", the agency said in the Friday-night press release, without naming the individual.

"We don't want you as our mayor of Minneapolis anymore... we would like you to move out of the city".

"We're not buying this", said one of the protesters.

"Bye-bye, Betsy", the crowd chanted.

Hodges eventually gave up and left.

The mayor has announced the nomination of Assistant Police Chief Medaria Arradondo as Harteau's replacement. She was set to be married next month.

On July 15, Justine Ruszczyk, an Australian woman, called 911 after hearing what she thought was the sound of a girl in distress in an alley. Authorities say Officer Mohamed Noor fatally shot her as she approached his squad vehicle. Officer Noor fatally shot her in the abdomen, firing from a sitting position in his cruiser across his partner in the adjoining seat and straight through the open auto window.

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Prosecutors declined to charge either officer, both of whom are white.

An incident report released Wednesday showed that at 11:41 p.m., the officers reported a shooting incident and began performing CPR.

Early last week, Harteau endured criticism for not immediately cutting short her vacation to handle the aftermath of the Damond shooting, which quickly made global headlines.

Friday evening Levy-Pounds, City Council candidate Samantha Lee Pree-Stinson, Michelle Gross of Communities United Against Police Brutality, activists Mel Reeves, Cathy Jones, Chauntyll Allen and Corydon Nilsson of the New North, organized a solidarity rally and march at Loring Park in Minneapolis.

After rallying outside city hall, about 100 protesters filled the conference room and the surrounding area.

Castile was killed by a St. Anthony, Minnesota police officer, not a Minneapolis officer. The officers involved weren't charged. Arradondo, who is African-American, has been with the department since 1989. "It is hard to fathom how to go forward without her in my life".

"If that's the excuse they want to use to shoot people, I guess they can use any excuse they want, we're all in danger", the attorney said.

"I hear and understand", the mayor interjected while protesters drowned her out. "It starts at the top, and the citizens just keep pushing for change".

Ruszczyk called police at 11:27 p.m. Saturday night to report that she thought she'd heard a female yell help outside her home in the city's Fulton neighborhood, telling the 911 operator she was anxious that a woman was being attacked.

"I think we need to fundamentally change the way police operate in our city, and if this means a change in leadership ... then so be it, because we have a systemic problem", she said.

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