Published: Thu, July 20, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Portillo's offers $1 hot dogs on National Hot Dog Day

Portillo's offers $1 hot dogs on National Hot Dog Day

There are plenty of great food-centric holidays to celebrate in July.

And you'll be able to sample the not-ketchup-ketchup on Wednesday-to dovetail with National Hot Dog Day, no less-at Wrigleyville Dogs (3737 N. Clark St.) and at the Kim & Carlos Hot Dog Cart, near the Field Museum, while supplies. The Council designates July as National Hot Dog Month, with the date for National Hot Dog Day varying from year to year. Now it's being called the best hot dog in America.

The Blue Dog Tavern in Grand Rapids serves a new take on a classic with the BLT Dog.

Mirabile said National Hot Dog Day has been celebrated at his shop for years and they will continue the tradition, welcoming customers with a warm smile and a hardy hot dog. But why stop there when you can add so many other things, like salsa, bacon, pinto beans, onions, peppers and cheese?

Sliding into number 23 on The Daily Meal list is Jimmy Buff's Italian Hot Dogs in West Orange and Kenilworth.

Heinz - Since Chicagoans don't eat ketchup on hot dogs, the company created a "Chicago Dog Sauce, " which is really just ketchup with a different label.

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The trade between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees is set to be announced shortly. Kahnle , 27, also has a 2.50 ERA in 37 games this season out of the White Sox bullpen.

You know where chocolate milk comes from, right?

And there's plenty of hot dogging going around.

Hot Dog on a Stick: Each customer gets a free original turkey dog on Wednesday. With a coupon, you could get one free hot dog or their roller grill menu item of your choice from July 19 to 26.

With a bevy of condiments and toppings at your disposal, there are a limitless number of ways to concoct the flawless hot dog creation. Among her competitors were Tiger Woods (who once had a hot dog thrown at him during a putt) and hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council has my back.

Rutt's Hut was hailed by The Daily Meal for its signature Ripper, a hot dog that's fried until it rips apart. If you ever go to a restaurant in, say, Brooklyn, and they have an artisanal hot dog on the menu, just punch the chef for me, would you?

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