Published: Thu, July 20, 2017
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Full list of corporation's top earners revealed — BBC stars' pay

Full list of corporation's top earners revealed — BBC stars' pay

Women were under-represented in every category apart from scripted television, covering comedy and drama output, where they accounted for 57% of the highest-paid staff.

The highest-paid female star with a BAME background is BBC news presenter Mishal Hussain, who received between £200,000 and £250,000.

"However, we share the widespread concerns at the inequalities that persist within the BBC and the exorbitant salaries which are being paid to some broadcasters".

And of course, I'll admit here that my knowledge of BBC television personalities perhaps isn't the best, but with the exception of Mishal Husain, who sits in the £200,000 to £249,999 bracket, numerous stars cited as being on the highest-paid lists are white.

The second highest paid woman is "The One Show" host Alex Jones, who makes anything from £400,000 to £450,000.

The salaries were revealed by the BBC after being put under pressure as they are paid by the licence fee revenue.

'This whole BBC salary exposure business is an absolute outrage... I also don't doubt that condition of gendered pay at the BBC is mirrored in the other broadcasting and media companies that we all use, not to mention the wider working world where the salaries are significantly less and not under anywhere near the level of scrutiny that those at the BBC are.

Mr Evans, a popular radio and TV personality who stabilised the Top Gear franchise after the departure of the entire presenting team led by Jeremy Clarkson, is paid £2.25 million.

And while the recently published earnings the BBC's golden boys and girls might be easy to give little more notice than a glace and an eye roll, seeing in black and white which stars are earning what is actually pretty important.

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A BBC source insisted that female talent had not been given last minute pay hikes in a bid to increase their numbers on the top salary list.

Writing on Twitter, the former England striker said he had stuck with the Beeb "Because I love and value my job and BBC sport".

It will make it enormously hard for them to remain competitive and could mean they cannot retain talent. The amount we pay the very highest earners has dropped by 40% across the same period.

He added that it was "probably right and proper that people know what we get paid" and said that the publication of the figures today would mark the beginning of pay disparities - such as unequal pay between men and women - being "redressed".

The broadcaster replied: "I don't really want to answer that because I don't think it's the moment for me".

The corporation says 96 people now earn salaries over 150,000 pounds ($195,555) a year, which it says helps it to compete for top talent with commercial rivals ITV and Sky and internet groups and.

"Is this where we want to be?"

Only one third of the list of talent earning over £150,000 are women, with the top names being men.

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