Published: Wed, July 19, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Montenegro asks for worldwide help to fight fires

Montenegro asks for worldwide help to fight fires

Montenegro has asked for worldwide help to fight wildfires raging along its Adriatic coastline, forcing the evacuation of dozens of tourists and campers, authorities said July 17.

Further inland, in neighbouring Bosnia, firefighters are also struggling to get fires near the southern cities of Mostar and Trebinje under control.

Firefighters aided by the armed forces and volunteers have been battling the blazes since Sunday, boosted by police aircraft on Monday, the interior ministry said.

A forest fire destroyed and damaged houses around Split, the second largest city in the country, reaching the city's suburbs last evening, Reuters writes, leaving some areas without water or electricity.

In Montenegro, at least 100 tourists were forced to evacuate from a coastal area in Montenegro that has been the hardest hit by the blaze.

Around the town of Zadar, planes were used because some areas remain mined from the war of the 1990s, the state TV report said. Fortunately, no causalities directly linked to the fire have been reported.

Missing couple discovered 75 years later in a melting Swiss glacier
Local police said the bodies had been found by the Tsanfleuron glacier near Les Diabrelets ski resort at an altitude of 2,615m. They were wearing World War II-era clothing and were said to be "perfectly preserved" in the glacier.

Near the coastal town of Sibenik, a fire nearly reached houses, but firefighting planes managed to stop the flames from spreading any further. Residents have joined firefighters to defend the houses and stop the fire from spreading.

Sixteen people had sought medical assistance for injuries sustained in the fire, a local hospital said.

Firefighting planes took off Monday afternoon after previously being grounded because of strong winds and turbulence.

In neighboring Montenegro to the south, authorities say they might have to evacuate a village on the Lustica peninsula.

Wildfires blazing on the Adriatic coast are wreaking havoc in Montenegro and Croatia.

The blaze burned down pine forests and underbrush in extremely dry weather. No homes have been hurt so far, he said. "It is impossible to put out the fire completely in such winds".

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