Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Democrats want changes in latest GOP health care bill

Democrats want changes in latest GOP health care bill

In a statement Thursday, the senator's office reiterated his support for the amendment but said that is not indicative of how he will vote on the bill.

GOP leaders had planned to vote as early as Tuesday, but with McCain absent, Senate Republicans would fall short of the 50 votes needed to move ahead with the bill.

"While John is recovering, the Senate will continue our work on legislative items and considerations, and will defer consideration of the Better Care Act", McConnell said in a statement released on Twitter. McConnell can't afford to lose one more Republican senator or the GOP's seven-year campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare is over - for now, at least. The removal involved a "minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision", the hospital said.

But without Mr. McCain, Senate Republicans would not have the votes they need to take up or pass their bill to repeal and replace major provisions of the health care act that was the signature domestic achievement of President Barack Obama.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the announcement late Saturday.

A half-dozen key senators, including McCain, were undecided on whether to go ahead with a procedural vote, putting the bill's future in serious jeopardy before McConnell punted.

Until McCain's surgery, McConnell had hoped to vote on the Republican plan in the coming days. "But I think - I think I fear that it's going to fail", McCain said.

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How much trouble is the Obamacare repeal bill in if McConnell has to depend on the vote of John McCain for passage?

In an attempt to win over more Republicans, a revised measure was released last week but was immediately opposed by Sens.

"The number of Arizonans with health care is up, uncompensated care is down by 60 percent at hospitals statewide and billions of federal dollars, which are Arizona tax dollars, are flowing into our economy", Carter said. But there's no guarantee the extra time will accomplish anything except giving senators more heartburn.

At the National Governors Association on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence urged governors from across the nation to back the bill, telling them, "President Trump and I believe the Senate healthcare bill strengthens and secures Medicaid for the neediest in our society, and this bill puts this vital American program on a path to long-term sustainability".

The bill as-is will also result in "far fewer, if any" options for people who buy their plans from the individual market, the insurers claimed, meaning "millions of more individuals will be uninsured". Cruz's additions to the bill has garnered widespread conservative support in the Senate, but has left many moderates cold.

"But if we are not able to reach a consensus, the Senate should return to regular order, hold hearings, and receive input from senators of both parties, and produce a bill that finally provides Americans with access to affordable and quality health care".

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