Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Army veteran's dying wish is to get a call from you - literally

Army veteran's dying wish is to get a call from you - literally

Ailing Army veteran Lee Hernandez has one dying wish, and he literally wants you to be a part of it.

Lee Hernandez, 47, is under hospice auto in New Braunfels, Texas, where he has suffered continuous strokes that have caused his vision and cognitive abilitites to start shutting down. She says that Lee has received so many phone calls and texts, that they are now requesting e-mails. This wish comes after Lee told his wife, Ernestine Hernandez, one day to hold his phone just in case someone made a decision to call him. She reads text messages and cards to Lee, who is blind, and says he loves to listen to the outpouring of support.

Eventually word spread to other organizations, including Arizona Veterans Forum, which posted a call request on its Facebook page. Text messages could be sent to the same number. The 47-year-old's body is deteriorating despite three brain surgeries, according to his wife, Ernestine Hernandez. Hernandez recently suffered a number of strokes that have left him in significant pain.

"Ernestine said his low spirits "broke my heart", adding, "[Lee's] speech is not very well, so many people didn't take much interest or want to talk with him".

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Ever since the veterans group shared his story on Facebook, Hernandez's phone has been inundated with text messages and phone calls. Though she said he hit "rock bottom" a year ago, he has "beaten the odds and his strong will keeps him going". She says she will continue to give him the best life she can offer. Ernestine Hernandez said the best time to make contact is during the late afternoon or early evening, Central Daylight Time, the Republic reported.

An Army veteran is fighting the last battle of his life and a simple phone call from a grateful well-wisher could be just the support he needs at this time.

"The experience is very painful", Lee said.

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