Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Kid Rock Might Be Planning Senate Run

Kid Rock Might Be Planning Senate Run

Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, dropped the bombshell Wednesday afternoon when he announced: "I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real ..."

The famous rocker ― who also goes by "Detroit cowboy", "American badass" or simply "the Kid" ― hinted at a bid for a Senate seat in MI by tweeting to his fans that the website is real.

Kid Rock is considering a run for a U.S. Senate seat. What would the politics of a Senator Kid Rock look like?

The musician said he will be making a "major announcement" in the near future.

On Wednesday, the self-professed "American Bad Ass" launched a website,, promoting his supposed bid to be a U.S. Senator representing his home state of MI. A portrait of George Washington is hung on the wall behind it.

No word on when the announcement will be made. Quickly, Internet sleuths discovered that the "buy now" button at the bottom left sends one to new page where one can buy merchandise-a trucker hat, a yard sign, a T shirt, a bumper sticker -each which threaten "Kid Rock for U.S. Senate 2018".

Could that be true for USA senators as well?

With slogans like "In Rock We Trust", "Pimp of the Nation" and "I'll Rock the Party", it's hard to imagine Kid Rock as a stuffy politician pontificating on tax policy or defense spending.

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There's a mixed bag of comments coming from the online world today across the social media sites. But after what happened previous year, it would probably be wise to stop scoffing when celebrities with bad hair appear to be flirting with a run for office. "You're a rapper at heart, Bob".

So Kid Rock probably isn't running for Senate today.

It seems Proud Resister has a different take on the musician's run for a Senate seat.

But "Black Aziz Ansari" isn't a rabid Kid Rock fan-he's just a brilliant internet troll. Because electing an out of touch celebrity is working wonders for America right now. He told The Guardian in 2015 that he's a Republican on certain issues, but leans toward the middle on others. "I'll bet you he would generate as much excitement as Trump did", he told the paper in February.

In 2014, LifeNews reported on Kid Rock's surprise visit to a man with Down syndrome on his 30 Birthday. "This had the Democrats shaking in their boots", is how they explain the feeling.

Attempts to contact representatives for Rock were unsuccessful.

According to Roll Call, Rock endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for president in 2012 and initially supported Ben Carson for the Republican nomination in 2016 but switched to Trump when the former reality-TV star became the party's nominee.

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