Published: Thu, July 13, 2017
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'Wonder Woman' sequel could take place during the Cold War

'Wonder Woman' sequel could take place during the Cold War

If you are yet to watch Wonder Woman, let's just say him and Gadot don't exactly "live happily ever after". They have not only a box office smash that fans adore, but a hit with the critics as well.

Since its June 2 premiere, Wonder Woman has earned more than $368 million in North America, beating out Deadpool's $363 million in 2016.

The female-led and directed film, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins, has dominated the box office since its release in May, grossing over £282 million and overtaking Deadpool.

Brolin, meanwhile, is playing the movie's other main hero character Cable, a time-travelling soldier trying to correct the future. And yet here we are imagining the handsome multiplicity of such a universe, thanks to the actor's rad AF tribute to Wonder Woman. You Have been warned!

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Alberto's account , given through his friends at the MLW podcast, did not match the police comments in any way. Zak also noted that their father, Ricky Knight, will weigh in later, noting, "Thanks for all the messages.

Gal Gadot's (Diana) film still has a gap to cover in the worldwide market, in which Reynolds' film is still leading. There's a chance that Pine's Trevor could've fathered a child before World War I, but the character could also be more along the lines of a great-nephew. Which, if you've seen the movie, may be kind of hard considering he's very dead at the end of the film. How should Steve Trevor return? Or he could say he had to fake his death to go into hiding. DC Films president Geoff Johns recently also confirmed that he's working on the story with Patty Jenkins. As such, it certainly makes sense for WB to pursue another Wonder Woman film with the same team. Once they get the rest of the shared universe fixed, she can join them.

Basing on the last scenes of "Wonder Woman", fans have yet to know if or how the captain has escaped his death.

Having wrapped up World War One after a showdown with Ares, God of War, Diana's next adventure will skip forward multiple decades, taking her to the heart of another major global conflict: the Cold War of the 1980s.

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