Published: Thu, July 13, 2017
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Our Voice: Voter fraud commission should let it go

Our Voice: Voter fraud commission should let it go

And at a time when less than half of eligible voters are participating in our elections and our voting systems are severely outdated, all election officials should prioritize efforts to improve the security of our electoral process and increase voter participation. Adams is a board member of the American Civil Rights Union, a conservative group for which he has led lawsuits against jurisdictions with large minority populations, seeking to force the purging of voter rolls.

"That goal is evident in the composition of the Commission, which is stacked with individuals who have endorsed the President's false statements about the popular vote, and the fact that no provisions whatsoever have been made to insulate the Commission's advice and recommendations from inappropriate influence by the person who appointed the Commission's members _ i.e., President Trump himself", the complaint continues. The remaining suits push back against Kansas law that require citizens to present a passport, birth certificate, or comparable document in order to vote.

Nearly all secretaries of state questioned about possible voter fraud have fiercely swatted away allegations of voter fraud, and elections experts say that voter fraud is extremely rare.

Even Kobach's home state of Kansas said it won't turn over data to the commission because Kansas state law prohibits it.

Thus the election committee will not receive that information. Vermont is one such state, and its secretary, Jim Condos, spoke to ABC News about his concerns regarding disenfranchisement. Numerous studies have found that voter fraud is rare, including one by the nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, which determined an American is more likely to be struck by lightning than cast a vote illegally. "Everybody agrees that what they're trying to do is really about voter suppression", he said. Other states will provide data to the commission, but will withhold the partial Social Security numbers. Erich Ebel, communications director for the Washington secretary of state, also spoke of a "handful" of constituents asking about disenrollment.

With a judge's ruling on the privacy center's request for an injunction pending, the commission on Monday sent follow-up emails to election officials in the 50 states, including Gardner.

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West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee reported no sudden change in individuals asking to unregister. The chief election officer in each state should be told if there was or is an attempt to hack the voter registration.

By the end of the week almost every state had refused the request in some fashion.

Forty-four states have refused to give out all of the information the commission is requesting, and 22 of those states have refused to give away any information at all. The court filing claims that the data stored in Alabama has been deleted, and that future data collected will be compiled on a secure server in the White House.

She added that she "doesn't get to pick which laws I follow and which ones I don't", but would only share information that is already available to the public.

A coalition of civil rights organizations and Florida residents filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner and a White House commission, accusing them of potentially violating state and federal laws to try to build a nationwide voter database.

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